Unfortunately, we have such rulers who are devoid of socio-political and socio-economic insight. Our people want peace, order, justice and progress but these myopic rulers are doing nothing for the good of people. They believe that rules are made to be broken. We have a plethora of laws and rules in this country but our rulers in my province of Sindh believe that rulers are for fools. Identical is the situation in many federal organizations. Talent of this country and also people with physical disabilities are in trouble but they are not given job opportunities and those are meant for the chosen few and the retired folks, who are hired and rehired to oppress the upright and energetic officers in the organizations.

Being a humble disciple of law and political science, I don’t know when our justice system would be our shield and defender in this country. Had there been justice and the rule of law in this country, I say on authority that thugs and thieves and partners of criminals and corrupt would not have managed local bodies polls in different districts, especially, in my home district Larkano?

Hashim Abro,

Islamabad, November 20.