It is a fact that humans are depleting their fresh water resources at an unsustainable pace and it is just a matter of time before they run out of this precious natural resource. Water is used in many industries. Irrigation accounts for 70% of the human water consumption, according to David Goings. We waste a lot of water while brushing our teeth or washing our hair. According to Mr. Rinkesh K. we can save 160 gallons of water, per month, by turning the water off while brushing our teeth. Many of the appliances we use waste a lot of water. We should try to use water efficient appliances like dish washers, bathtubs, laundry machines, etc. These appliances are specially made to conserve water. Huge amounts of waters can be saved if we take shorter showers. Leaking pipes are a common problem that can waste water. Damaged pipes should be identified and fixed. 

Water is being lavishly overused in our household chores in different fashions. We should use the car wash instead of washing the cars ourselves as we use a lot more water. More water is used than needed for doing our laundry. We should match the water fill to the appropriate size of laundry that we are doing. Many of us wash our clothes after wearing them a single time. Clothes can be reused by wearing them a few times. Water saving devices is an efficient tool for using up minimal amounts of water. There is a need to install low-flow shower heads on all showers and faucet aerators on all faucets to reduce our water use. Water can be conserved by spreading these useful ideas. We can inform children of the many ways to save water, and try to make it their habit. We can tell our employer so he uses these ideas in the daily workings of the business. We can spread the word through social media. Many governments offer incentives for spreading a good idea either as a NGO or as a single individual. 

To conclude, we should save water through the many ways listed above so that we can secure a better future for humanity. 


Lahore, November 20.