KARACHI - DHA Phase-VIII Steering Committee meeting, chaired by DHA Administrator Brigadier Shahid Hassan Ali, was held here at DHA’s head office on Monday to review the execution of different development schemes to be completed in DHA Phase-VIII.

The committee discussed the professional, technical and contractual aspects of ICT (Integrated Communication Technology) network besides electrification/streetlights, E-tagging and sewerage system works being executed in the area and took decisions to speed up the development process.

The state-of-the-art ICT works for Phase-VIII, encompassing fiber optics and high- speed internet technology for integrating voice, data, digital and smart grid facilities on a single fiber optics cable were discussed for finalizing the ICT plan.

The electrification works and installation of streetlights, powered by LED solar energy, for efficient, durable and modern lighting system in the area were also discussed threadbare, and various options were evaluated to finalise the design and nature of the streetlights.

The administrator appreciated the efficacy of recently introduced e-tagging pilot project in Phase-VIII, being completed alongside sophisticated and advanced surveillance system.

E-tagging will be introduced at all major roads, leading to Phase-VIII, to monitor entry of vehicles in order to ensure enhanced security in the area.

The requirements, technical parameters and efficacy of new sewerage system as per the environmental considerations to be incorporated in the existing sewerage system were also discussed threadbare and decisions were taken to speed up the development works.

The administrator emphasised the need for undertaking the development projects with vigour, professional zeal and knowledgeable approach to ensure that DHA Phase-VIII was developed as one of the best and modern locality of the metropolis.