rawalpindi -Two officials of the Enforcement Cell of Rawalpindi Cantonment Board (RCB) sustained injuries when they were thrashed by  

hand-pushcart owners during an anti-encroachment campaign at the Chungi Number 22 yesterday. 

A source told The Nation that two officials of RCB namely Iftikhar Ahmed, supervisor, and Masood sustained injuries when they were beaten up by the violent hand-pushcart owners led by their leader Gullan Khan Afghani. 

However, he said, the RCB Enforcement Cell seized all the stuff of hand-pushcart owners and shifted to the RCB store. He said that an application was also filed with police to register a case against the accused people. 

The source said that hand-pushcart owners scuffled with the RCB team at Chungi Number 22 when they were removing encroachments from the area. He said the brawl also triggered a massive traffic jam at Chungi Number 22 and its adjoining Dhamial Road, CMH Road, Tench Bhatta and Aadra Road posing hardships for commuters and pedestrians. 

Masood, an injured official of Enforcement Cell, told The Nation that the team was sent by Superintendent Hassan Jan for removing encroachments but the vendors led by Gullan Khan Afghani thrashed the team members.  

On the other hand, the officials of RCB Enforcement Cell overturned the carts of fruit and vegetables in middle of the road, which enraged the vendors. 

The pushcart owners alleged that they paid ‘monthly of thousand of rupees’ to the superintendent and his men for setting up their stalls and hand-pushcarts at Chungi Number 22. They said Superintendent cheated them and sent his team for removing them from the square. “We are selling fruit and vegetables with permission of RCB officials and paid money for this. 

Hassan Jan, the Superintendent, when contacted by The Nation, denied that his team launched any anti-encroachment operation at Chungi Number 22. He said his men were busy in removing encroachments at Saddar. He denied allegations leveled by the hand-pushcart owners.