Secretary Livestock and Dairy Development (L&DD) and Punjab Skills development program (SDP), a subordinate plan of Industries department, are currently at loggerheads over funds issue for training of the L&DD activists.

Of late, the Planning and Development Department (P&D) rejected the L&DD’s proposal seeking funds for the capacity building program, arguing that it was basically the responsibility of the department to complete exercise within its Annual Development Program (ADP).

Following this, the Secretary L&DD Naseem Sadiq wrote a letter to the Secretary Industries department, a parent department of SDP, complaining that it was actually the job of his department to undertake this exercise.

The Secretary L&DD Sadiq, in his letter to the Secretary Industries, wrote “In view of the above stance of the department and decision taken by the competent authority during PDWP meeting held on 10/3/16, as narrated, the target mentioned in the proposed presentation to chief minister under PSDF/PSDFP against the L&DD may not be reflected and deleted to avoid any embarrassing situation during presentation”.

The letter further reads “at present there is no target L&DD department to be achieved under the skilled development program as the proposal of the department was not considered and approved by the competent forum for funding under Skilled Development Program”.

The department feels that that initialization of any training, will promote quackery and ultimately damaging the livestock, said the letter. The department has designed the capacity building program as per the Livestock policy. “To start any program by the Punjab Skill Development Fund (PSDF) in isolation and without consultation with the stakeholder (L&DD) will have very limited impact on development sector” adds the document.

The development scheme was prepared with the objective to train 45000 personnel (25000 during 2016-17 and 20000 during 2017-18) under the ADP 2016-17. The scheme was approved in the DDSC in its meeting on 28/8/16 at total cost of Rs 341m.

As per documents, the L&DD department prepared a comprehensive plan with implementation strategy and mechanism to train 50000 L&DD activists (25000 male and 25000 female). The department also wanted funds under the Skill Development Program that was not entertained even after a number of meetings with the P&D officials. The PC-1 of the scheme was also presented before the PDWP meeting that was not approved. An official of the Skills Development Program (SDP) said that the project just coordinates the training program and the departments concerned manage funds to train their employees.

To address constraints to growth, the Government of the Punjab has prepared a Growth Strategy (2015-18) which identifies the following challenges - under-utilized manufacturing capacity, stagnant exports, productivity deficits, slowing progress on Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), slow employment generation, under-employment and widening skills gaps, underpinning all of those is the rising security deficit.

The Growth Strategy provides a roadmap for addressing these challenges, including skills shortages and mismatches. The Growth Strategy identifies the following industries as priority sectors with high growth potential: textile & garments, light engineering, auto parts, surgical instruments, cutlery, agricultural implants, pumps, sports and fans, construction, pharmaceutical and food processing.