LAHORE - Central Jail Bahawalpur is overcrowded due to inmates being kept in from Lodhran district, said a senior officer of Punjab Prisons Department on Monday.

He said that all the inmates belong to District Lodhran are presently shifted and confined at Central Jail Bahawalpur (CJB) which was constructed in the year 1955.

The authorised accommodation is around 1,400 but there are more than 2,000 prisoners confined at Central Jail Bahawalpur.

There was no prison in the District Lodhran. It brings overcrowding at CJB and expenditure on government exchequer required for the daily production of prisoners from CJB to District Courts Lodhran.

Moreover, the relatives of the inmates have to travel from different areas of District Lodhran to CJB to meet their loved one's confined there.

In the under construction District Jail Lodhran, there is capacity of confining more than 1,000 inmates.

In the last two years around 9 new District Prisons were constructed and handed over to the Prison Department and till today now there are 41 Prisons in the Punjab Province.

In all the newly constructed prisons all the modern concepts have been keep into consideration including their better living, better medical facilities, security measures and rehabilitation facilities.

Now in most of the prisons in Punjab there is Dedicated or Express feeder to round the clock facility of electricity. Moreover health facilities are enhanced with all basic facilities to save the precious life of a prisoner.

A project of worth Rs 26 crore have been started with TEVTA to make prisoners into a healthy citizens.

PCO facility is available in some prisons and it will be started in all the prisons in Punjab.

A community hall and libraries are also included in newly constructed prisons for a healthy atmosphere.

Water filtration plants have been installed in most of the prisons in Punjab.

Construction of new jails will help to control overcrowding and for making prisoners a useful citizen.