LAHORE -  Three people got seriously wounded in different incidents of armed robbery in different parts of Punjab capital city yesterday amid most elaborate security arrangements for Chehlum Imam Hussain (AS) and Urs of Data Ganj Baksh.

Not only the gunmen riding on motorcycles snatched away cash and valuables from the citizens in broad day light, they also shot at those who put resistance.

Also, three cars and eight motorcycles were either snatched or stolen away from different localities.

Armed bandits struck families, residences, passersby, and motorists and robbed them at gunpoint.

Police sources said that two gunmen forced their entry into a shop located near Atari More in Chungi Amarsidhu and held up the owner and salesman at gunpoint. As the victim made hue and cry, the bandits opened straight fire on them. As a result, Muhammad Nawaz and Zulfikar Ali sustained bullet wounds. They were shifted to a hospital in critical condition. The robbers escaped after collecting cash and valuables worth tens of thousands of rupees. The police were investigating.

In another incident, two gunmen shot at and wounded a motorcyclist in City Raiwind police area. The man was shifted to the Jinnah Hospital with bullet wounds. The bandits fled after snatching cash and mobile phone from the victim.

Two robbers riding on a motorcycle held up a car-rider at gunpoint at a traffic signal in broad daylight in the limits of Garden Town police. The gunmen fled after collecting cash and mobile phone from the victim. There was no police patrolling in the area when the bandits robbed motorists, an eyewitness said.

In separate incidents, robbers on motorcycles and equipped with pistols also looted families and motorists in Iqbal Town, Islampura, Sabzazar, Iqbal Town, Shahdara, Green Town, Township, Mughalpura, and Baghbanpura police precincts.

Similarly, three car and eight motorcycles were driven from different parts of the city during the last 24 hours. The police were investigating the incidents with no arrest made yet.

There are hundreds of Dolphins Force squads in addition to dozens of police response units. They are supposed to chase the fleeing bandits. But they have failed to make any different as the incidents of street crime are on the rise throughout the metropolis.

On Saturday, two dacoits went on the rampage and killed five men on offering resistance during a shop robbery attempt in Millat Park police area. Police investigators are investigating the mass shooting with no arrest made yet.