SIALKOT-Junior diplomats from different European, Latin American, African, Central and South Asian countries visited several leading industrial units in Sialkot during the final day of their two-day visit to Sialkot under the supervision of Foreign Services Academy of Pakistan.

The foreign diplomats showed keen interest in Pakistan made sports goods, musical instruments and surgical instruments. They also pledged to make efforts to motivate their importers towards the direct import of Sialkot-made sports goods and surgical instruments direct from Sialkot instead of importing these products from the other countries on high prices.

These foreign diplomats also visited Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI). The foreign diplomats namely Abdul Basit Khan (Afghanistan), Sengad Ahmed (Algeria), Vadzim Klsiallou (Belarus), Paba Sale Epse Saidou Oumate (Cameroon), Placida Obono Nve Mangue (Equatorial Guinea), Gebresilasie Tadese Tsegay (Ethiopia), Om Parkash Goundar (Fiji), Domingos Nhaga Incanha (Guinea Bissau), Ibrahima Saidou Camara (Guinea), Rakotoarinirina Noroniaina Salohy (Madagascar), Hussain Sinaah (Maldives), Miss Bibi Aisha Ismael Lakhi(Mauritius), Janardan Gautam , Yasoda Adhikari(Nepal), Aminat Abdul-Azeez, Dauda B. Stanley (Nigeria), Amjad OA Salem(Palestine), Aleer Charles Majak Aleer (South Sudan), Hiyam Yassir Attalla Balla(Sudan), Manikku Acharige Anodya Chirasrie (Sri Lanka), Sorie Ibrahim Osman Karoma (Sierra Leone), Bahromjon Karimov (Tajikistan ) and Begench Kakajanov (Turkmenistan ) discussed the matters of mutual interest with Sialkot exporters at SCCI.

SCCI Vice President Abid Ahmed Khawaja presided over the meeting. The diplomats assured to make efforts to ensure easy access of Sialkot-made export products to their countries.

Earlier, the foreign diplomats visited several leading industrial units in Sialkot amid tight security. They witnessed several processes of manufacturing and production of the sports goods and surgical instruments. The foreign diplomats highly appreciated the Sialkot exporters for establishing several mega projects and now even their own private airline on self help basis.

The foreign diplomats were of the view that the Sialkot exporters have set the unique examples of self help, advising the others to replicate these examples as well. The SCCI vice president gave briefing about the achievements, targets, future goals of the Sialkot exporters and Sialkot’s socio-economic and human development.

Addressing the meeting, former SCCI president Naeem Javvaid said that promotion of bilateral linkages depends on better coordination, interaction, and understanding among business communities of the countries.

Another exporter Waqas Akram Awan said Pakistan has always been keen to develop strong and brotherly relations with all the countries around the globe.