Islamabad - A writ petition seeking court’s directions to government to stop celebrations of Black Friday and other such festivals which are against Islam was filed in the Islamabad High Court.

 The petitioner Abdul Waheed moved the petition through his counsel Tariq Asad Advocate and cited federation of Pakistan through Secretary Information, Secretary Ministry of Religious Affairs, Chairman Pakistan Electronic Media Authority (PEMRA), district magistrate/Deputy Commissioner, Islamabad, Chief Commissioner, Islamabad and chairman of Council of Islamic Ideology Council (IIC) as respondents.

Waheed said that this petition is motivated by the conviction that it has been announced on electronic media that on November 24, 2017, ‘Black Friday’ shall be celebrated in Pakistan and on that particular day mega discounts would be offered on different products.

He adopted that the dictionary meaning of any black day is the day on which something sad, unpleasant or disastrous happens on that day.

Petitioner added that unfortunately the federal government is under the influence of secular lobby and is failing to undertake its legal obligation allowing, encouraging and rather participating in the non-Muslims festivals.

 “Thus federal government has taken no step to stop the celebration of ‘Black Friday’ in Pakistan. Symbolically saying Black Friday is literally in itself a sin and un-Islamic as the Messenger of Allah Almighty (peace be upon Him) categorically said that Friday is the Head (Sardar) of all the days and for Allah Almighty it is the greatest day,” he mentioned in the petition.

According to the petitioner, celebrating ‘Black Friday’ is quite inconsistent with the Islamic philosophy.

He contended that the secular lobby is again active to manoeuvre the celebration of ‘Black Friday’ on November 24, 2017 and an immoral song of Black Day has been recorded by the Pakistani boys and girls dancing and singing in an immoral and indecent manner which may be watched on the internet and the CD of it may be provided by the petitioner.

The petitioner maintained that the main objective behind the Black Day and such like celebrations is to implement the doctrine of Westernism which is being injected in the youth through the electronic media. 

He requested the court respondent secretary ministry of Religious Affairs may be directed to restrain the television channels from demonstrating the said occasion and accepting advertisements in this connection.

He prayed to the court direct all the respondents to take necessary measures to stop the celebrations in the name of Black Friday and such other festivals which are not in consonance with the injunctions of Islam (Quran and Sunnah) and the culture of Pakistan.

He further prayed to the court to restrain public functionaries from participating in the festivals of other religions and celebrations thereof allowing them only to give messages of good wishes.