KARACHI - Karachi Mayor Waseem Akhtar on Tuesday praised the efforts of district central administration and Bahria Town management for lifting tonnes of garbage from different areas of the district and thus getting rid of the backlog which had been causing immense trouble to people.

He was speaking at a ceremony held at the office of district central administration on the completion of cleanliness drive in the district. The campaign was run with the help of Bahria Town management.

DMC Central Chairman Rehan Hashmi, Vice Chairman Shakir Ali, Bahria Town Commander Zulfiqar Memon, Commodore (R) Naeem and other officers were also present on this occasion.

The mayor said the garbage backlog was cleared from Liaquatabd, Nazimabd, North Nazimabad, Gulberg, Buffer Zone and other areas, which, he termed, a great work.

He thanked Bahria Town chairman Malik Riaz for providing support and cooperation for this noble cause and setting a great example for other private sector organisations to join hands with the local government organisations and serve the city.

The mayor also congratulated the residents of district central on the removal of garbage backlog in a very short period of time and urged them that they should also take responsibility and avoid dumping garbage on roads and streets. “They should instead use designated dumping points in their areas," he counselled.

Waseem informed that after the completion of cleanliness work in District Central, the KMC would launch second phase of the drive in District Korangi, where millions of tonnes of garbage had not been removed for the past eight years. “We are ready to welcome all private and government organisations to work with us for the removal of garbage from the metropolis,” he assured.

Chairman of DMC Central Rehan Hashmi, in his address, thanked the Bahria Town chairman and his team comprising sanitation officers and others for helping in cleaning the district. Vice Chairman Shakir Ali, Commodore (R) Naeem and others also spoke on the occasion.

Mayor stresses unity

Meanwhile, Waseem Akhtar, while addressing an event held in connection with Youm-e-Hussain (RA), organised by Youm-e-Hussain Organising Committee at the KMC building, said that unity among Muslims was need of the hour. “No policy can be made if we do not come onto one platform for the betterment of our country,” he noted, and added, “In order to show unity and harmony we need to learn lesson from the sacrifices of Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA).

He added that today the whole nation was in a state of confusion. “The concerned departments must perform their duties to save the nation from any further uncertainty,” he stressed.

He called upon religious scholars to convince the people about the need of unity in their ranks so that “We can take our own decisions ourselves,” he asserted.

The programme was also attended by Allama Hashim Ghaderi, Allama Ali Karrar Naqvi, Allama Ali Naqvi, Mufti Mohsin-uz-Zaman, Dilip Gir Maharaj and presided over by Allama Akhtar Abbas whereas Parliamentary Leader in the City Council Aslam Shah Afridi and chairmen of different committees, including Hassan Naqvi, Khurram Farhan, Nasir Khan Taimuri, senior KMC officers and others were also present on the occasion.

Thanking the participants, Waseem said that the presence of religious scholars from different schools of thought under one roof was a big achievement in the prevailing situation.

He said the kinds of decisions which were being taken in the country at the moment were an unfortunate development and this could not have been done if we had unity and harmony amongst ourselves.

He said Karachi was now on the verge of disaster, as people were suffering from lots of problems. “We need to gather on one platform if we want to bring improvement in the city,” he noted.

The mayor further said, “We all must now give priority to the problems being faced by people over politics and other agendas.”

He said finality of prophethood (SAW) is the core of our faith in which we all believe and there was no need to raise this issue.

The programme was also addressed by Allama Akhtar Abbas, Allama Hashim Ghaderi, Mufti Mohsin-uz-Zaman, Dilip Gir Maharaj and others.