ISLAMABAD - PTI chief Imran Khan said on Tuesday that PML-N has made a farce out of democracy by rejecting an amendment bill in Elections Act 2017 in National Assembly.

In messages posted on the social media, Khan stated: “Today all PML-N members of the NA should hang their heads in shame for making a farce out of our democracy.” “They opposed an amendment to the election law, simply to allow NS [Nawaz Sharif] to remain as head of PML-N despite being disqualified from membership of parliament under the Constitution,” the PTI chief wrote.

Khan reiterated that the only purpose of MNAs belonging to PML-N is to protect corruption mafia led by Nawaz Sharif. Khan stressed that moral authority to govern the nation is paramount in a democratic setup. “Today that was negated by PML-N which sought to place their corrupt leader above all laws,” he added.

The PTI chief further wrote that the development in the National Assembly was demoralising to the youth of Pakistan as according to him it gave out a message of condoning corruption.