CHITRAL-The Razakhel clan of Chitral on Sunday formally announced to form an association which will be working for the betterment of its members living across the valley.

At a meeting attended by representatives of the tribe from across Chitral, the interim office-bearers of the association took oath.

Former tehsil Nazim of Mastuj Shamsur Rehman was the chief guest while the event was chaired by Kamal Uddin. Speaking on the occasion, prominent literary figure and retired principal Maula Nigah Nigah shed light on the objectives of the gathering and the formation of the Al-Raza Association.

He said the aim of the initiative was to bring the members of the Raza living across Chitral to a single platform and promote unity among them.

It is for the first time in the recent history that the Razakhels have come together and have been holding meetings to promote unity and coordination and work for their betterment.

The speakers at these meetings stressed the need to work for bridging the gaps and distances that developed among them with the passage of time in the past. The new technological development, rising literacy rate and access to the social media across the valley have been helpful in bringing the members of the clan closer.

The speakers referred to different census documents and said population-wise the Razakhel tribe was the biggest in Chitral it the number of its registered voters being more than 22,000.