ISLAMABAD: Former Prime Minister (PM) Nawaz Sharif has said he has no grievance with PTI but he has the grievance with PPP which has supported the black law of dictators despite its sacrifices for democracy.

“Parliament is not ready to provide protection to a black law of dictators and the sacred house took a principled decision. But the PPP attitude for supporting the black law of dictators hurt me because PTI is not democratic and political party as there is nothing democratic about this party”, he said this while talking to media men here Wednesday after his appearance in Accountability Court (AC).

What happened yesterday proved that democracy-loving people are there in Pakistan who respect people mandate, he said. This is a matter of satisfaction that the sacred house took a principled decision. This proves that parliament is not ready to protect the law of any dictator.

“I am happy that democratic parties rejected black law and this is an eye-opener for those blocking the way of democracy, he remarked.

It is painful for me that PPP supported the black law of dictators yesterday which is a big question on their democratic credentials, he observed. While PPP has rendered unprecedented sacrifices in this regard, he added.

Criticizing former president Pervez Musharraf he said where is now the person who had imposed martial law in 1999. He is not being allowed to enter into Pakistan today, he added. This is called the power of vote for change and this change will become visible in 2018 polls, he remarked.