MANDI BAHAUDDIN-The Tameer-e-Pakistan Party (TPP) said in a meeting that the government had failed to take action against non-state actors as well as powerful and wealthy people.

The government’s writ is only enforced over indigent, weak, laborers and small farmers, the participants said. In rural areas, land mafia has occupied village ponds while complaints by villagers to the authorities concerned do not take cognizance of them.

They said “Jails are overcrowded by prisoners who mostly belong to farming and labour class. In cities and towns transport, transport stands, vehicle parking mafias continue looting citizens with impunity. All these mafias and non state actors feel free to continue illegal business and there in no one to take them to task. Even at public places like courts and medical facilities, extortion continues in form of parking fee. Every government office is surrounded by agents who fleece public and authorities remain silent.” They added there is no justice for the poor and thus the people suffer from depression and other mental diseases.

Raped girl’s family seeks justice

SIALKOT-The family and relatives of a raped girl staged two anti-police demonstrations in front of the offices of Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Daska and at general bus stand of Daska for its failure to arrest the accused.

The protesting people were carrying agitational banners and placards and were chanting anti-police slogans. They also staged a sit-in there. They demanded early arrest of accused Nadeem who allegedly molested 6 years old girl three days ago in village Bambaanwala, Daska tehsil. Some police officials negotiated with the protesters and assured them about the early arrest of the accused.