LAHORE: Malala Yousafzai’s struggle gave one message that don’t clip the wings of your daughters and let them peruse their education career.

This was stated by speakers at the book launching ceremony of Mein Hoon Malala, an Urdu version of ‘I am Malala’.

IA Rehman in his address said the book is written in simple Urdu language and this is important she wrote this book before getting a Nobel Peace Price.

He said this book narrates the stories of parents, and valley of Swat. She also narrated the story of becoming Internally Displaced Persons as her family had to shift in the wake of operation.

He also read some exerpts from the book.

Pervez Hoodbhoy said Malala received standing ovation on her UN General Assembly speech. 

"We need to understand the narrative of those people who attacked the young kid to present our national narrative on this issue.

"Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan and Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan issued so called justification on their attack and they termed attack on Malala as part of ongoing war between Islam and non believers."

Their critics say she was awarded unjust Nobel Peace Prize and she is a puppet of the western countries even the left wing mindset also oppose Malala.

Professor Dr Khadim Hussain of Khan Trust Educational Foundation (BKTEF) Peshawar, addressing the book launch says when Mangora streets were silenced due to the extremist mindset it was Malala who raised her voice of right to education.

He said when Taliban took over the valley it was the season of beheading of human heads and Malala changed the regional and international perspective on girls education.

“In her book Malala's father advised that don’t clip the wings of your daughters,” he said.

Dr Khadim said Malala's story is powerful and it revolves around the fight of a young girl for her education against a gun

Asma Jahangir addressed at book launch on phone. She said Malala determination was truly inspiring as she keep her studies continue.

HRCP Chairperson Dr Mehdi Haasan said if Malala wants to be the Prime Minister of Pakistan then she should come to Pakistan and pursue her academics in her country.

“The attack on Malala is also praised globally but people will inspire from her story when she will be among her fellow Pakistanis,” Dr Hassan concluded.  

Writer Masood Ashser of Mashal Books moderated the book launch.  

He said Mashal books ' aim is to spread the political and social awareness and the progressive thinking and so far 250 books are published. “You can read and download all the books free of cost online,” he said.

Writer Zehra Nigah said Malala’s message was a symbol of enlightenment and as well as it gave the hope for prosperous Pakistan.

“When Pakistan is under the shadow of bad news for the last couple of years but the rise of Malala is good news for sure, as she was praised globally,” she said.