PPP Senator Krishna Kolhi  on Thursday visited the points from where the extraction of the granite was going on unchecked few days back. During her visit to Kharsar and other villages some 40 kilometers away from Nagarparkar town and she met the local people and requested them to inform the local authorities if anybody was found cutting the stones from the hills. Senator Kolhi, who also hails from the same Parkar region, talking to the local reporters said that all the leases to extract the granite stones from the hills had already been cancelled few years. She said that nobody would be allowed to deface the beautiful region by taking away the precious granite from the region to use the same in the construction of dams and other development schemes by the local contractors. “We are here to protect the Karoonjhar hills like our grandfather Rooplo Kolhi had fought with invading Britishers and laid down his life along companions for saving the Karoonjhar,” she said and made it clear she like thousands of the people from Parkar region and rest parts of Sindh and Pakistan were those people, who were raising their voice for the protecting and persevering

the historical sites and beautiful Karoonjhar hills. She said that the practice of the extraction had already been halted by the greedy people of the high-ups of Sindh government had ordered the registration of the FIRs against those, who were busy in the illegal practice. She said that the PPP government in Sindh was making the concerted efforts

for carrying out various

mega schemes in the desert district. The PPP senator also expressed her deep grief over the loss of human lives during

the rainfall due to lightening strikes and said that proper compensation

would be given to the heirs to those, who had lost their lives and other properties in the light of the recommendations

of the