Panjgoor Civil Hospital is the biggest hospital of district Panjgoor. There is no any facilities for patients to do their treatment. There doctors serve only one hours for a complete day after that they go their own clinics and patients are compiled to visit doctors to their personal clinics. such as doctors are not present in times and poens are not present it is very dirty conditions. Besides this many patients come from the rural areas of district Panjgoor for treatment purpose but return with a disappoint heart. Several people have lost their lives because of the irresponsibility of doctors and the department they are not serious. In panjgoor most of the people belong to poor families. they can not afford to go other cities like Karachi. Therefore I request to health department of Balochistan please give facilities panjgoor civil hospital as the previous health minister Rahmat Salah could not brought any changes we hope the current health minister will take against the doctors.


Panjgoor Balghater.