HAFIZABAD            -        The Kisan Board Pakistan (KBP) has called upon the government to devise policies to increase wheat and sugarcane production which has been neglected over the past seven years.

Addressing a press conference, Central Vice President of KBP Amanullah Chatha said that prices of oil, electricity, fertilisers and pesticides have been increased manifold during the past seven years but the support prices of wheat and sugar cane have not been increased as a result of which the production has been decreased and the growers have been inflected heavy losses.

He said that the government should formulate realistic policies to increase food production and announce better support prices of production. Moreover, the efforts should be made to provide oil, fertilisers, electricity and pesticides at subsidised rates.

Classes of BS Mathematics, BS Mass Communication, BS English and BS Business Administration would be started at newly established campus of Government College University Faiisalabad atHafizabad from December 2, Direct Incharge of the Campus Tariq Ismail Mayo said.

While inaugurating the Information Desk at the campus, PTI district leader Ch. Mehdi Hassan Bhatti said that he has fulfilled his promise to establish campus of the university at Hafizabad which would facilitate hundreds of poor students of the district to get higher education at their doorsteps.  He further said that the provincial government has earmarked over 118 kanals land near the canal on Gujranwala road for the construction of the building and new classes would be started at a private building on Kassoki road Hafizabad.

The Provincial Zakat and Ushr Department has reconstituted District Zakat and Ushr Committee Hafizabad and has nominated Sardar Babar Sohail Gujjar as Chairman of the committee and Fazal Hussain Tarar, Ahmad Hussan Virk, Ahmad Nawaz Tarar, Danish Murad, Muhammad Hammad Akbar, Rahat Ayubi Butt and Naila Altaf as members of the committee. The District Zakat Officer would also be ex-officio member of the committee.