KARACHI     -   It is our priority to provide salaries and pensions timely while transparent system would be brought for income generation. Director General of Karachi Development Authority (KDA) Dr Saif-ur-Rehman was expressing his views during meeting with KDA Mazdoor Union (CBA) delegation here in civic center building. During meeting, Chairman Abdul Mateen Shiekh told DG KDA that employees and officers were suffering due to delay in pension and salaries while estate session should play their part in recovery of dues. He said that all the open plots should be auctioned as it will help in get rid of financial problem as well as plots would be protected from illegal occupancy.Chairman Mazdoor Union (CBA) Abdul Mateen Shiekh said that Sindh Building Control Authority has a responsibilities of collection of betterment charges while it would have to transfer to concerned departments but since long KDA hadn’t been received their betterment charges and due to lack of funding KDA couldn’t brought any projects. Later on Director General KDA Dr. Saif-ur-Rehman said that “all the issues will be resolved and on the matter of betterment charges we will inform Sindh govrement while shops and office will be begain soon for the income generation.“KDA has played their important role in the infrastructure of city and lot of residential schemes completed successfully long ago and this time again we are planning for launching new schemes across the city” he added that. Mazdoor Union delegation consist of General Secretary Muhammad Ishfaque Chashti, Vice president Ghulam Nabi Shah and others while Director Public Relations Raess Tabasum, P.S to DG KDA Riaz Ahmed Rashid