Altaf Hussain’s plea to Indian Prime Minister Modi for asylum is a self-inflicted death blow to his political career in Pakistan. Not only that, but by beseeching a man known by Pakistanis as both staunchly anti-Pakistan and anti-Muslim, he has essentially declared himself to be an open enemy of the state. One would think that his actions could not get any worse, but Hussain chose to appear on Arnab Goswami’s show – who is a virulent anti-Pakistani hawk dedicated to spreading misinformation – essentially making himself and his movement out to be a caricature of what they once supposedly represented. The old Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) – now known as MQM-London was already irrelevant in Pakistani politics, but Mr Hussain has now hammered the final nail in its coffin himself.

The offshoots of the old party, those that started distancing themselves from Mr Hussain and his statements a while back have also been implicated by what was said by Hussain. This is because Altaf Hussain has been losing the plot for a while, and other leaders of his party stood by and watched it happen. They only left his side when his speeches caused open violence in Karachi; some would consider this to be too late. Other leaders of MQM – even those that have been estranged share the blame for MQM’s fall into irrelevance bordering on sedition.

Altaf Hussain’s blatant affinity for India, which he has now publicly admitted to, had been alluded to in the past by observers across the board. Some even accused the leader and his party of receiving funds from the neighbouring rivals and its intelligence agencies. In the interview with Goswami, Mr Hussain made all the assertions against him true – he publicly sought funds from Modi to sow the seeds of instability in Pakistan based on ethnic and sectarian lines. Essentially any claim ever made against the party has more or less now been accepted whole-heartedly by the MQM supremo, and there is no going back from this.

The fact that Hussain is seeking asylum in a state known for its brutal repression of Kashmiris shows that he is only looking for self-preservation, at a time when the courts in the UK are also trying him for hate speech and incitement. This means that Altaf Hussain recognises that the only place his vitriol is still acceptable is a place where such statements are openly used by the Prime Minister and top leaders of the BJP.