ISLAMABAD          -          A senate body on human rights on Thursday urged government to resolve the issues of dissolved Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) sacked employees on emergency basis.

The meeting of the functional committee on Human Rights was held here under the chairmanship of Senator Mustafa Nawaz Khokhar.

Following the agenda, Secretary Ministry of National Health Services (NHS) Allah Bakhash Malik briefed the committee on the fate of sacked employees of PMDC through promulgation of Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) ordinance 2019.

The committee directed officials to provide details following the directions issued by the senate body.

Secretary NHS while briefing the committee said that all sacked employees of dissolved PMDC have received salaries of the month of October.

He also said that the matter of release of six months salaries will be also resolved soon.

The committee unanimously directed the ministry to resolve the matters of sacked employees and pensioners of dissolved PMDC.

Meanwhile, the sacked employees of dissolved PMDC continued their protest outside the department on 32nd day and vowed continuing it until restoration on jobs.

Around 250 employees of PMDC are on protest for more than a month after PMDC was dissolved through a presidential ordinance. A new body PMC was formed to regulate the medical education in the country.

Sacked employees camped outside department holding placards and banners against dissolution of PMDC vowed protesting outside Prime Minister House with families.

They also urged political parties, and associations of doctors, students and lawyers to become part of the protest against PMC ordinance which un-employed hundreds in all of the sudden.

The committee also discussed the issue of convicted paedophile Sohail Ayaz who was employed as a consultant in Khyber Pakthunkhwa (KP) government.  Discussing the issue, Senator Qurat-ul- Ain Marri said that the convict was also employed in KP government from 2014-16  but the record has not been found.

She said that this must be probed that who recruited him in the government and all responsible must be held accountable for the negligence.

Senator remarked that KP government hired him on job twice in five years and it must be investigated who favoured him for job.

The KP government officials briefed the committee that convict Sohail Ayaz was an accountant and had a mysterious personality and no one was very aware of his activities.

Officials said that it is being investigated that who referred him for job, however, he worked with health department of the KP.  Officials also said that the convict Sohail Ayaz admitted using Dark Web for his crime.

Officials said that the paedophile lured the children from low income background and also intoxicated them during crime.

KP officials said that he had hired a separate home for his criminal activities and recorded all his activities in his laptop.

Officials said that during investigations the convict admitted his crime and also informed that he also worked in Save the Children organisation.

While discussing the issue of harassment of students in Balochistan University, the committee was informed by Vice Chancellor of the university that a special committee was formed to hold the investigations, while following HEC guidelines extra CCTV cameras have been removed from the campus.

The VC said that the number of cameras has been reduced to 56 from 91 now.

The chairman committee expressing concerns on the issue directed to conduct impartial investigations of the matter and hold the responsible accountable.