KARACHI      -    The Sindh government and Unicef on Thursday signed Rolling Work Plan 2020. Chief Secretary Sindh Syed Mumtaz Ali Shah and Deputy Representative of Unicef Tajuddeen

Oyewale signed the plan.Sindh Chief Secretary Syed Mumtaz Ali Shah said that provincial government in collaboration with Unicef was conducting a survey to ascertain the number of children engaged in [child] labour so that they could be provided education and skills training for their formal

employment. The Secretary Labour Rashid Ahmed Solangi informed

the CS that the department is going to conduct the Child Survey and for this the Labour Department

floated a summary to hire staff for the survey. Chief Secretary Sindh approved

the hiring of 432 staff for survey including 215 male Enumerators, 72 female Enumerators, 72 Surveyors and 72 observers for the period of 4 months. The CS directed the Secretary

Labour to complete the child labour survey on time as the proposed survey is important for formulating policies. Secretary Health Zahid Abbasi also informed the CS that Health department

is going to convert 50 abundant dispensaries in Thar into Birth Station by providing all basic facilities and staff. Deputy Representative of Unicef Tajudeen Oyewale

appreciated the Sindh Government for showing interest in child labour survey

and he stated that the Unicef under Rolling Work Plan 2020 is going to spend 30 million dollars for the projects of water supply, sanitation, nutrition and education and some other important projects. He also informed the Chief Secretary

that Unicef had been supporting Local Government

in birth registration