LAHORE- All Pakistan Cement Manufacturers Association (APCMA) on Saturday protested against searches of offices of its members by Competitive Commission of Pakistan. A similar search was previously conducted on 24th September 2020 at the office of APCMA and a member’s office at Lahore. APCMA spokesperson said the searches are being conducted in blatant violation of the law and in excess of the mandate given to the Commission and its officers as per law. The Commission illegally and unlawfully, with the support of local police, sealed the premises of APCMA Members’ office while conducting the searches and restricted the movement of employees even though no resistance of any sort was put up, he said. The Commission and its authorized officers, during the search also impounded items, including personal belongings of the employees, for which they had no express authority under the law or through the authorization memo provided to the Members. The officers of the Commission were repeatedly requested to exercise their powers strictly as per law, however, the members’ representatives were continuously harassed and threatened with arrest and imprisonment for interference in official duties.