Once again, in the face of an implicating and all-revealing dossier, Modi has chosen to point the finger at Pakistan through two unverified tweets stating that the country was preparing to launch a terrorist plot in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK). A lack of acknowledgement, acceptance or response towards proven state-sanctioned aggression in Pakistan by the BJP government only goes to further verify their malicious intent—a noteworthy development for all members of the international community.

As Modi hails his security team as heroes, the fact India has been backed into a corner, through the use of authentic information only, has become evident. Accusations of violent ploys against the country only come after days of silence since the dossier was released by Pakistan. Furthermore, anti-Pakistan propaganda has been amped up as well as the desperate attempts to divert focus towards accusations of Pakistani state-sponsored terrorism in IIOJK. Not only does all this allude to the idea that these claims are baseless but it further incriminates all the leading members of the government who have been implicated directly in the dossier. Surely, such a reaction is not enough to negate the overwhelming proof put forth.

Time and time again, Pakistan’s government has tried to bring to the attention of the global community the crimes being committed in IIOJK by Indian forces. Violence has become an instrument of the state and there is little to nothing being done to preserve the lives, and interests, of the Kashmiri population. Even now, when proof of active planning in regards to destabilising Pakistan has been released, the Indian government is employing the same evasive strategy to deflect allegations that it utilises when it knows it has been bested.

It is imperative that world leaders look beyond the façade being created in front of them and instead, focus on the mounting evidence of hostility presented a few days prior.