Unemployment is one of the biggest problems in developing countries across the world. Almost every country is facing this detrimental problem and coronavirus has added fuel to the fire. The pandemic has not only claimed the lives of many innocent people by infection but has also robbed them of their livelihood by making necessary the maintenance of social distance and pre-empting shops, markets and offices either private or public through the lockdown. Due to the pandemic, it is reported according to a survey that more than 17 million people have become unemployed and destitute from their bread and butter in Pakistan. Now, it is reported, according to another survey, that the second wave of Covid-19 is skyrocketing across Pakistan.

It seems that Pakistan still will not get rid of the effects of the aforementioned challenge as again the second wave is at its peak. The people of the world have as well suffered from cumbersome challenges, either economical or to their health, due to Covid-19. We, as a nation should follow the SOPs to wear masks either in office or public places and maintain the social distance which is recommended by the government of Pakistan. The govt of Pakistan should also usher in the utter implementation of SOPs in order to do away with this curse.