NEW YORK (Online) Pakistans embassy in United States has issued 26 diplomatic visas to American diplomats, 1200 to US army officials and 2500 to US citizens travelling for Afghanistan during last 15 months. Embassy Spokesman told this news agency that since last June to September this year, 12000 to 13000 Pakistani Americans were issued visas. In response to a question regarding security background, the spokesman said that Foreign Office approved issuance of diplomatic visas while Defence Department issue clearance for visas to persons related to Defence department. These visas are issued on the request of US State Department. Spokesman further said that these visas are issued for one month time and these visas were issued to those person who actually visit Afghanistan but for short time they stay in Pakistan and went towards their destination. The spokesman said that Foreign Office uses its discretionary power for issuing visas to VIP personalities who go on short notice to Pakistan and do not have sufficient time to take permission from Foreign Office of Pakistan.