ISLAMABAD A large number of students from different universities of the Capital, on Wednesday, took to the streets against the brutal killing of their colleagues in terrorists twin blasts on International Islamic University, Islamabad (IIUI) on Tuesday. They were of the view that the main purpose to target the IIUI was to isolate Pakistan internationally, as more then 56 countries students are enrolled in the IIUI, adding that their majority was enrolled in the Faculty of Sharia and Law which was targeted, thereby exposing the intentions of the culprits. Hassan Javed, a student at Sharia and Law Faculty at IIUI, said that misleading concept of Interior Minister Rehman Malik to announce 'Special Student Task Force to counter the terrorists turned the peaceful environment of the campuses into a battlefield. He lamented that in the presence of well-equipped law enforcement agencies there was no need to involve the students into security related issues. Furious response of the IIUI students at the arrival of Rehman Malik showed the prevailing hatred against the rulers, he said. Asim, a student at IIUI, opined that there was a foreign hand behind the recent terrorist attacks in Iran to create a rift between Iran and Pakistan. He claimed that more than 20 students of the University were martyred in the twin blasts. He demanded of the government to separate itself from the US and its so called war against terrorism. The National Students Federation (NSF) held a protest demonstration at National Press Club Islamabad to condemn the attack on Islamic International University and to express solidarity with the affected students. NSF members were holding placards and chanted slogans against the terrorists. Nazish Zahoor said that under no circumstances could the killing of students at IIUI be justified. He said that only a long-term change in the policies of the state would be able to counter the trend of young people being drawn to extremist ideologies.