ISLAMABAD (APP) - The Capital Development Authority (CDA) will complete the first phase of Marghazar Zoo expansion project within two months. The first phase of countrys biggest recreational facility in the Capital will be completed at a total cost of Rs 1,400 million. In the first phase of the project, two enclosures for 'Black Bug and 'Chinkara are being constructed at the cost of Rs 19.37 million to provide comfortable and natural environment to the animals. The authority will soon announce tender for the second phase and work on construction of ten more enclosure for birds and animals would start soon with a cost of Rs 140 million, he added. The work on the second phase will be completed in 18 months. The pathways for visitors will be constructed along with the service road. However, the complete water and sewerage system will be devised to maintain cleanliness in the zoo. Different species of birds and animals would be imported from various countries that would be a source of attraction for the citizens and would be provided natural environment. In the third phase, which is planned to be initiated by next year, a veterinary hospital and a laboratory for provision of health care facilities to these animals and birds would also be established, he said. The computerised ticketing system will be introduced at the main entrance. The construction of souvenir shop and restaurants will also be part of the plan. However, the authority has also planned to extend parking facility to 600 vehicles to save visitor from nuisance. The expansion project is being executed under the supervision of international companies including Unicon with a joint venture of South African firm. The recreational facility will be expanded to 80 acres land from existing 20 acres and work is being done in line with the standards laid down by the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA). The work on remaining four other phases would start simultaneously with the help of local and foreign experts soon after completion of the first phase. A 50-acre area would cover semi-natural habitats of animals and other species while 30 acres of land would be reserved for lawns, green areas, cafes, research labs, tuck shops, parking areas and other relevant facilities. The project was affected because of the financial crunch faced by the authority. However, the layout plan has been formulated and all phases would be completed in line with the set procedures. Drive against unhygienic edibles kicks off District Health Officer Dr Amirzada Khan has conducted checking of bakeries and hotels in the markets and checked the quality of food items being sold in the markets including especially bakery items, cold drinks and beverages. Checking has been launched on the complaints of citizens regarding sale of substandard food items in the markets. The DHO of ICT Amirzada Khan during checking at G-9 collected different samples of food items including cold drinks, beverages, mineral water and sent them to the laboratory for quality test. He also fined best price departmental store, Supper Market, for having unhygienic storage conditions at the store. The DHO also took samples of mineral water and packed milk from the departmental store and sent them to the laboratory for quality test. He said that the administration will ensure the quality of food items and strict action will be taken against the offenders. He also checked United Bakery in Supper Market and took samples of food items for quality test. The DHO informed that checking of hotels was also being launched soon to ensure the quality of foodstuff.