The rivers of Pakistan would turn red if I am sent to gallows so wrote Zulfikar Ali Bhutto in his last testament 'If I am assassinated which was written in his death cell. That prophecy is coming true now as we see blood all over our land due to militants, procreated by his assassins, having gone insane with their own myopic interpretation of Islam. The murder of Benazir Bhutto may have been the underwritten text of the same prophecy of her father. The nation must unite without ifs and buts behind the philosophy of Bhuttos to rid itself of this curse of bigotry and intolerance. Politicians who are brandishing non-issues under the false rubric of patriotism must realize that the war for Pakistans survival is underway. This is not the time for point scoring and political grandstanding. If the house is on fire, it becomes imperative to call the firefighter, not the interior decorator. Most of our intellectuals are suggesting 'interior decoration without realizing that our house is turning into ashes due to a senseless race for mutual incrimination. Some of our writers are even suggesting an unholy divide between the army and the opposition on one side and the government on the other. This suggestion is not just self-serving but treasonous too. Our first and foremost task should be to stand together and wipe out extremism from the land before we move on to other important concerns. Terrorists are united in their madness. Why cant the vast majority of Pakistanis do the same for a larger and nobler cause? -B. A. MALIK, Islamabad, October 20.