The entire country has come to a halt. The educational institutions, markets, even parks and roads, virtually everything, has come to a state that can best be described as 'sudden death. Indeed we are next expecting hits on weddings, funerals, quls, anniversaries, conventions, literary get-togethers till we no longer feel safe even sleeping in our bedrooms. India is hostile as ever and now even Iran and the rest of our neighbors hate us. We are well and truly isolated in our heroic battle against terrorists on behalf of our pal, the US. The US, meanwhile, has had enough in Afghanistan. Mr. Obama would probably be given another Nobel for Peace next year because he is planning to bolt out of this unconquerable Talibanistan as soon as he can. Did US not do exactly this in Vietnam some decades back? The war has been pushed and now pitched deep inside Pakistan. That means Pakistan is doomed. -AMJAD HABIB MIRZA, Lahore, October 21.