One wonders who is to balance for the traffic chaos created by frequent VVIP movement on Karachi roads. The traffic authorities never feel the responsibility to come up with a methodical traffic plan or of providing alternatives routes for commuters. Nor do they make their plans known to the public in advance for obvious reasons. The VVIP movement, whenever it takes place, puts the citizens in unbearable agony when the traffic comes to a halt for hours, and remains so, due to the unending queues of vehicles. A few days ago, the situation became so bad that two heart patients being rushed to hospital were held up in a monstrous traffic jam caused closure of roads to allow for VVIP movement. Tragically, both were declared dead upon reaching the hospital. Some measures have to be taken to avert such tragedies. The travel routes and timings for the arrival/departure of the President or Prime Minister can be so planned that they inconvenience and delay commuters the least. The police, in working out a traffic management plan, should put priorities of the commuters above those of the VVIP functionaries. Ambulances must be allowed to go, even if the roads have been temporarily closed for ordinary traffic. -SHAIKH MANAQIB IRTAQA, Karachi, October 20.