ISLAMABAD - Major political player PML-N would continue the friendly opposition role in the country as long as its power sharing with rival major PPP remains undisturbed in the populous Punjab province, political sources said. Despite wishful thinking for political change at the earliest, PML-N would continue consolidating its rule in Punjab by keeping the status quo, sources said. They were of the view that PML-N would keep the people in the streets guessing about its political role by following a policy in which its power sharing arrangement with rival PPP remained intact. PML-N would continue its criticism and thundering against the PPPs top leadership for public consumption. But inside, both of them remain hand and glove, a senior PML-Q parliamentary leader told TheNation. Speaking on condition of anonymity, he recalled there was hardly any difference between the role being played by the PLM-N and the then MMA led by Maulana Fazlur Rehman during the Musharraf era. MMA played the role of friendly opposition at the Centre while simultaneously enjoying power in cooperation with PML-Q in two provinces of NWFP and Balochistan. Is there any difference in the political role played by the then MMA and the role being played by the PML-N today? he asked. Leaders of the PML-Qs breakaway like-minded group say PPP and PML-N were two sides of the same coin and both would not leave space for a third party to stand up and challenge their power sharing arrangement. When their attention was drawn towards PML-Ns publicly stated position over the controversial Kerry-Lugar Bill and consequential ineptness it had demonstrated on the floor of the National Assembly by not even staging a token walkout to register its opposition, they said none had wanted to annoy the US administration. On the NRO, PML-N would be the one to help PPP wriggle from the situation, another parliamentary leader from Sindh remarked. However, sources in the PPP and PML-N say top leadership of both the major political players was of the considered view that they should continue cooperation in steering the country out from the multiple challenges confronted the country because of the given geo-political conditions.