KARACHI - The Sindh Assembly on Wednesday unanimously passed into law The Cancellation of Bogus Entries (in the record of rights) of government land bill, 2009, aimed at cancellation of bogus entries made in the record-of-rights relating to government land on the basis of forged documents or in violation of law. Sindh Law Minister Muhammad Ayaz Soomro tabled the bill in the house. The house which was set in motion at 11:15am by Speaker Nisar Ahmed Khuhro was prorogued after unanimously passage of four out-of-turn resolutions. Speaking on the general principles of the bill, Sindh Minister for Revenue Jam Mehtab Dahar said that massive bogus entries have been made in the record of rights relating to government land and has caused losses to the Sindh government depriving its of thousands acres of its valuable land, therefore, it was expedient to enact a law to cancel the bogus entries. He said that land mafia and vested interests have occupied tens of thousands of acres of government land in Karachi, Thatta and Jamshoro districts in collusion with the revenue officials during last one decade. He said that after the sad incident of 27th 2007, unscrupulous and land grabbers and the officials of land revenue department burnt the land records to destroy the proof of their wrong doings. He said that thousands acres of government land could be retrieved if the land revenue officials made sincere efforts in this regard. He said that efforts were underway to computerize the land records. PPP legislators Rafique Engineer, members Haji Munawwar Ali Abbasi, Humera Alwani, Pir Bachhal Shah, Anwar Mehar, Taimoor Talpur, Makhdoom Jameel-uz-zaman, Manzoor Wasan, Jam Tamachi Unner, Sheharyar Mehar of PML-Q, Sardar Ahmed and Khalid Ahmed of MQM endorsed the bill. After general discussion Speaker Nisar Khuhro asked the law minister to read out the bill clause by clause. The chair put the bill to the house which passed it into the law unanimously. PPP member Dr Sikandar Mandhro moved an out of turn resolution which says, this Assembly resolves and strongly recommends to the government of Sindh to formulate a uniform and integrated admission policy providing equal opportunities to the students of whole province to get advantage of better education in urban institution, imparting quality education in various fields of study, and to spread out such facilities throughout the entire province by establishing campuses of such institutions to extend quality education to every one which is the basic right of all citizens of the state safeguarded in the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Opposition leader in Sindh Assembly Jam Madad Ali, Dr Saghir Ahmed and Sardar Ahmed of MQM, Zahid Bhurgari, Humera Alwani and Ayaz Soomro of PPP fully supported the resolution. Speaker put the resolution in the house which carried in unanimously. The house also unanimously carried an out-of-turn resolution jointly moved by Sindh Law Minister Muhammad Ayaz Soomro and MQM parliamentary leader Syed Sardar Ahmed. The resolution reads, this assembly unanimously resolves and recommends to the provincial government to approach the federal government to restore the Guzara Allowance to be paid from Zakat Funds to the needy and poor persons as it provides immediate relief to the people in the shape of monthly financial assistance. The house passed yet another out-of-turn resolution tabled by Sindh Prisons Minister Haji Muzaffar Ali Shajra which says, this assembly resolves and recommends to the government of Sindh to carry out a comprehensive campaign of awareness for preventing genetically transmitted diseases, like Thalassemia, Hemophilia, HIC/AIDs etc and make it mandatory to carryout blood test of couples before getting married. The house unanimously adopted yet another out of turn resolution moved by Sindh Law Minister Ayaz Soomro which says, this assembly resolves and recommends to government of Sindh that taluka Daulatpur at Qazi Ahmed be re-named as Daulatpur as Qazi Ahmed. The house also carried question answer session of Irrigation and power Department. Earlier, Sindh Law Minister moved a motion for leave to withdraw the Government Bill, 14 of 2009- The Cancellation of Bogus Entries of Government Land Bill, 2009, which was introduced last week.