KARACHI - The 668-SIM Information System of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has generated a sense of insecurity among the users, as it is misleading the customers about the registrations of SIMs. It was found that PTAs service 668 is providing inaccurate information to the customers partly because of unavailability of updated data and generally due to lack of data synchronisation with 668 SIM Information System. Customers complained that they have been rendered insecure especially in the current terror-ridden situation of the country as they got to know that many SIMs are registered against one CNIC. Aamir Atta told The Nation that 668 responded him that there are only 2 SIMs registered against his CNIC, however, when he visited one of customer service centre, company representatives told there are 11 SIMs registered against his CNIC. Many other mobile phone users said that the information returned by 668 varied the one that provided by Customer Service Centres. Another issue is that all of the cellular companies are reluctant to block the connections, but PTA is tolerating these kind of activities. Though PTA has devised the new Registration Regulations, yet it still does not have centralised system for checking the connections. 'I was surprised that on my name and CNIC, five numbers have been issued and I am using only one. When I asked the CSR of the concerned mobile company he gave me details and advised me to call other 4 numbers and threat them first of the fake usage, than they would block them, another user told. Another very interesting story told by a senior journalist Shafi Baloch in this regard that when he sent his NIC number to 668 the information he was shocked to found that his own number was titled as 'un-registered, while he has been using this number for many years. PTA however strictly advised the customer to visit service centres of all cellular companies to know exact amount of SIMs registered against their CNIC and get their SIM(s) data corrected. On the other hand PTA has termed it a great success as Chairman PTA, while talking to the media, said that the newly launched service is working smoothly and the efforts made by PTA to solve the problem of incorrect data of mobile users are being efficiently addressed by the mobile operators. According to the official data, PTA maintained more than 1.8 million mobile subscribers who have sought their SIM(s) data while 10% of them have visited Customer Services Centres (CSC) of mobile operators for the correction of their data since the launch of SIM Information System- 668. Moreover, total 12.9m unverified SIMs have been blocked throughout the country during the clearance of mobile subscribers data so far.