This letter is with reference to the news that operation against militants has begun in Waziristan. This is good news, indeed, for the people of Pakistan that our government has stood strong despite numerous suicide attacks in various parts of the country and has showed a commitment to eradicating terrorism through use of military means. The government has not shown any concern for the civilians of Waziristan, though. Since all residents of Waziristan are not terrorists nor all of them have given refuge to terror suspects, the civilians should be spared consequences of the operation. But the government seems to have made no plans to save civilians from the negative impact of operation. Like Swat, whole hordes of people are likely to be displaced to other areas but the government has neither announced any relief package for them nor given any facility for their safe passage out of the harms way or eventual resettlement in safer environs. In fact, the security forces have clamped curfews right when the residents are attempting to evacuate the area. The Waziristan area itself has been cut off from the outside world. Even the telephone service has been terminated. The government should have first evacuated people to safe areas before starting the operation. The military also needs to be careful, especially during air raids, that it targets precisely the militants, and not departing convoys of the local inhabitants. Last word to our men in khakis is to minimize civilian casualties and complete the mission as soon as possible. -KAMALUD DIN QAMAR, Lahore, October 21.