ISLAMABAD - The prevailing security situation has drastically affected the United Nations operations aimed at rehabilitation of internally displaced persons (IDPs) in north western part of the country. With the closure of UNs food distribution points in NWFP due to threats of suicide attacks, humanitarian efforts in the region have suffered an enormous setback, as the operations regarding health related facilities have been suspended completely at the provincial level. The humanitarian efforts pertaining to food and ration distribution have been given a halt for an indefinite period of time. According to details, UNs Wood Food Programme (WFP) has once again closed down its offices in the wake of Tuesdays suicide attack on International Islamic University, Islamabad. A senior UN official monitoring rehabilitation efforts in Malakand division told this correspondent that the decision to suspend WFP operations temporarily had been taken after some staffers of United Nations and other NGOs working in the region received direct threats from militants. Given the present situation, it is very risky to carry on our routine operations. Some of our personnel received unknown threatening calls, so we have decided to wait for the things to settle down, he added. Regarding the resumption of WFP offices, the official refused to give any exact timeframe, saying that the offices, however, would resume their operations very soon. I cant say when are we going to restart but very soon we would be back on track, he added. He said that the UN was receiving as many as 1,500 to 3,000 IDPs everyday coming from North Waziristan Agency due to launching of military operation there. He said IDPs might face enormous difficulties if the security situation didnt improve. Due to the influx of thousands of new IDPs, the need for enhancement of rehabilitation efforts increases manifolds, but it would be very hard for us to operate under present circumstances, especially when our workers are being slain, mentioned the UN staff member citing recent suicide attack at WFP headquarters that claimed precious lives, adding tough weather conditions in the days ahead would further mount IDPs plight. In addition, TheNation also learnt that high-level meetings of senior UN officials took place on Wednesday regarding the start of WFP operations in NWFP. A source privy to the meetings informed that food distribution points were expected to be reopened this week. No decision regarding the resumption of WFP offices in NWFP has been taken yet, he said. It is also expected that WFP would start its partial operations in Malakand division, Buner, Lower Dir and the adjoining areas under stringent security measures on reduced office timings and rotational basis next week.