NRO is in NA and soon it would become the law. That means we would effectively legitimize corruption and killing by the legislators and government officers, allowing them to go scot-free after the crime. In fact, we would now elect them to rule us forever. How deep can we be mired in mess? The KLB is formally on the table and Kerry-the-Sponsor is in town to ensure its acceptance. Hence, we have the dyed-hair Qureshi on the rostrum while Fauzia and Farzana are hibernating in the back. Meanwhile, our cities are being rocked like a cradle, the most sensitive and protected areas being hit with disturbing frequency. What more are we prepared to face? I guess we have gone down the ditch deep enough to be near the rock bottom. Let us seek forgiveness from Allah. -AMJAD HABIB MIRZA, Lahore, October 20.