Judicial Magistrate Dr Waheed Shabana has adjourned the hearing of misuse of a travel agency for the purpose of deceitfully smuggling drugs into Saudi Arabia, till 28 October. Two managers of the Al-Huda Travel Agency appeared before the court and claimed that the accused Sarwat Hussain and Shafia were not only dishonouring the country but also defaming their travel agency as well. The representative of the accused did not appear before the court to defend them; therefore the court adjourned the hearing for the next hearing. It is worthy of note that here that the said agency has submitted the application registering the case against the accused for misusing their platform for the purpose of drug smuggling as well as the other illegal activities, while the agency has no connection with any illegal activity with them. It also be mentioned here that the FIR no 232/09 under Section 34 and 420 was registered against them.