I remember an incident about Lal Bahadur Shastri, the Indian Minister of Railways who later became the Prime Minister of India. His biographers tell us that while Mr. Shastri was on leave from his assignment, a train fell in the river due to collapse of a bridge. In the village home of Mr. Shastri, there was no facility of a telephone at that time. So the ministry officials rushed to his home to inform him of the tragedy. They knocked at the door and entered the courtyard of ministers house to see Mr. Shastri lying on a cot with his grand children lying on his chest and sides. The cot had no sheet covering it nor a pillow to rest his head. The officials informed him of the mishap. He rose and went in the house. When he returned, he had a paper in his hand. His resignation. It said that as the Minister of Railways, he felt responsible for the accident. I hope my letter is read by Mr. Rehman Malik, Raja Pervez Ashraf and all their other colleagues in this cabinet of ninety. -QAZI MUHAMMAD ASHRAF, Gujjar Khan, October 21.