LAHORE In order to provide cheaper electricity and get stopped load-shedding of electricity for National Industries, agricultural and commerce, and domestic consumers, the Government should develop new hydel and coal-fired thermal power stations on emergent basis. National Thermal Power Stations and efficient Electricity Companies in Faisalabad and Islamabad should not privatised. The failed experience of privatization is of Karachi electric Company had demonstrated that it had neither tackling woes of the consumers nor paying more than Rs 50 billion dues to WAPDA despite receiving electricity 700MW daily. These demands were presented by the delegation of Pakistan WAPDA Hydro Electric Central Labour Union (CBA) to Naveed Qamar, Federal Minister Water and Power in a meeting held in Islamabad. The Minister gave patient hearings to the demands of the Union and declared that 12 % share of the company would be transferred to its workers and the efficient would be awarded monetary incentives and the workers would be representation in the Board of Directors of the electricity company.