LAHORE Several complaints were piled up by dozens of the residents of Shahdara against a former SHO Inspector Sharif Sindhu during an open court of SSP Operations Shaukat Abbas on Friday. They complained that SHO was involved in several crimes including murders, kidnapping, lodging bogus FIRs, bribe and other felony acts. SSP, however, assured the victims saying justice would be provided them on their doorsteps. He said he was being informed through several quarters that policemen were involved in felony acts but the general public should extend their cooperation in this regard so the society might be make crime free area. According to the spokesman of the DIG, a complainant Basheer Ahmed, a resident of the same area, alleged former SHO Mr. Sindhu had lodged four fake FIRs of drug peddling against him for vested interests. In fact a local MPA Rana Iqbal borrowed Rs 0.4m but he was refusing to return the amount. Meanwhile, Mr. Sharif Sindhu directed me to remain mum otherwise he would lodge cases against me, he said, adding Mr. Sindhu lodged four cases against me on charges of drugs peddling and smuggling. But, no case was lodged against the victim before the SHO hurled threats on which the SSP directed DSP concerned to conduct inquiry within two days and report him. Another citizen Ghulam Nabi said his wife Mamoona Bibi was shot dead by dacoits clad in police uniform on Dec 3, 2010 but Sharif Sindhu refused to take action against the criminals. SHO even refused to show me the video, which was captured by a CCTV installed in nearby street, he added. The 'policemen held up the couple at gunpoint and demanded cash, gold ornaments and other valuables. As Ghulam Nabi offered resistance and tried to overpower one of the robbers, the other opened fire on him. He survived but his wife Mamoona fell on the ground as the bullet pierce through her head, resulting in her on-the-spot death. On Friday, Mr. Nabi said it seemed the then SHO (Sindhu) himself was involved in crime as he did not initiate legal action against the responsible. Earlier, another citizen Muhammad Imran alleged that a notorious gangster Khuram Shah shot him injured but police concerned were patronizing the accused since then. Instead of arresting the accused, the policemen were patronizing the accused men besides intimidating me, he alleged. The SSP, however, taking immediate action suspended the Sub-Inspector Zulfiqar on the spot. Muhammad Muazam, another victim, told the SSP that he borrowed Rs 0.5 million from the lenders and after paying them Rs 1.1 million as usury the accused were threatening him to pay more. SSP directed the SHO concerned to take action against the accused men without any delay. Rubina Bibi, a victim lady, told that her daughter was killed by her husband but police led by SHO Sharif Sindhu 'compromised with the murderer after receiving Rs 0.4million. Police even went on to declare it a suicide. This is cruelty on the part of police, she added. Snubbing the DSP Nasir, the SSP directed him to probe into the matter within days. Ironically, one Syed Nayyab Haider informed the top cop that his motorbike was robbed but when he approached the police, he was ridiculed by the police concerned. The police mimicked me saying neither I owned any motorbike nor I can claim for that, he added. He further alleged the SHO Sindhu criminally harassed me in connivance with the accused persons besides issuing life threats.