SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT WASHINGTON - The American Civil Liberties Union on Thursday accused the FBI of profiling Muslims and other minorities and targeting them for investigation, citing internal docuemnts Unveiling a new project called Mapping the FBI, the ACLU used internal bureau documents to portray the FBI as linking criminal behaviour to racial and ethnic groups and using US census data to map those communities so they can be investigated, according to media reports. The civil liberties group posted the documents on the Internet and vowed to further expose what it called unconstitutional FBI tactics. In one document that was highlighted, a 2009 memo in the FBIs Detroit field office sought permission to collect information on Middle East terrorist groups in Michigan, noting that: Because Michigan has a large Middle Eastern and Muslim population, it is prime territory for attempted radicalization and recruitment by these terrorist groups. But the same memo pointed out that the terrorist groups use an extreme and violent interpretation of the Muslim faith. And each document was heavily redacted, leaving unclear what agents did with any information they collected, The Washington Post said. Taken together, the memos confirm some of our worst fears about FBI surveillance, Hina Shamsi, director of the ACLUs National Security Project, was quoted as saying in a conference call with reporters. The FBI has targeted American communities for investigation based not on suspicion of wrongdoing but on the crudest stereotypes.