OUR STAFF REPORTER SIALKOT - The Kissan Board of Pakistan (KBP) Wednesday urged the federal government to ensure curbing the economic exploitation of the farmers and growers across the country. Talking to the newsmen here, KBP District President Nisar Ahmed Khan asked the government to accept farmers prolonged above-mentioned genuine demands. He said the government should ensure the printing of prices on all the bags of fertilisers to halt its sale in black and eliminating the monopoly of the profiteers. Nisar Ahmed stated that the farmers and growers were still being exploited economically by the concerned policy makers of the government, negating the high claims of the government to bring the green revolution though developing the farmers community economical conditions by giving them all the agriculture-related incentives. He expressed grave concern over it, saying that being an agriculture country, we were still dependent upon the other country for meeting our national needs due to the unsustainable agricultural policies to please the international organisations. Nisar said that now the farmers and growers had woken up for getting the fruits of their hard work. He termed it a great pity that the farmers and growers in Pakistan were still deprived of the timely provision of quality seeds, fertilisers, irrigation water and electricity. He said that the government was allegedly pleasing the landlords and big farmers by giving them their desired incentives, as there was no developing scheme for the small farmers and growers, who were still at the mercy of the feudalism in the country. No clue to Rs15 million heist:Even nine days have passed, the Hajipura-Sialkot Police still clueless about Rs15 million heist in the house of local exporter Sheikh Muhammad Yousaf. The exporter had suffered from severe heart attack soon after the dacoity incident and now has been released from a private hospital after the recovery of his health. Talking to the newsmen, Sheikh Yousaf said that the police allegedly adopting the delaying tactics in arresting the accused or in recovering the looted cash money, gold ornaments and other valuables. He urged the Gujranwala Region RPO Ahmed Mubarak Ahmed and Sialkot DPO Bilal Sadiq Kamiyana to ensure the early arrest of the dacoits. When contacted, the police officials concerned said that the police was making raids at various places to arrest the accused and they would be arrested soon.