ISLAMABAD Federal Minister for Water and Power Naveed Qamar, while leaving no stone unturned, is apparently trying his best to ensure the appointments of blue-eyed officials on the lucrative slots of Central Power Purchasing Agency (CPPA), putting power sector reforms in limbo. The Water and Power Minister, ostensibly involved in stalling power sector reforms, has committed mockery and blatant violation of the rules and regulations regarding appointing his blue-eyed Nazeer Sheikh as acting MD of CPPA and has set aside the fact that the post of MD was not offered to the CPPA, well informed sources revealed, adding that differences between Power Ministry and Pepco have vanished the ray of hope to uplift power sector of the country while dealing with growing power crisis in the country. Another controversy is getting its roots in power sector as Pepco has declined to follow the orders of Water and Power Ministry regarding the appointments of favourite candidates in the CPPA, source said. However, Ministry of Water and Power has asked Pepco to submit a written reply against the rejection of the orders of the Water and Power Minister. "Earlier, the Water and Power Minister had advised the MD of the PEPCO to transfer the services of 77 blue-eyed officials currently working with National Transmission & Dispatch Company (NTDC) Limited to the CPPA", sources said, adding that luxurious vehicle along with various facilities, in a bid to oblige the acting MD of the CPPA, were also sought. Pepco has declined to comply with these orders till this effect. It is testimony of the fact that International Resource Group (IRG) along with the Ministry started hunt for the chief executive of the CPPA in the first week of March this year. After giving the advertisement for the top slot of CEO, it advertised the post, received applications and short-listed three candidates and sent the names of short-listed candidates to the Water and Power Ministry in the month of June. However, this proposal could not get the kind consideration of the Minister though the proposal was submitted to the office of the Minister some two months earlier but the Minister suddenly abandoned the entire process for unknown reasons and directly appointed an Acting MD in the second week of July. Additionally, in 2009, former Minister for Water and Power Raja Pervez Ashraf removed Nazeer Sheikh, the then CEO of Hyderababad Electric Supply Company (Hesco), on the basis of poor performance that massively contributed bad name for the government already in hot water regarding energy crisis in the country. Further, the Acting MD', who had not even applied for the job, had earlier been removed from the post of CEO of a distribution company on above-mentioned alleged charges including nepotism. Sources close to Federal Finance Minister Dr Hafeez Sheikh informed this scribe that Qamar is the main hurdle in the restructuring of power sector and in his presence in the Power Ministry, power sector reforms cannot be materialized. Again, it is worth mentioning here that the major work for power sector reforms was to appoint CEO of the CPPA and complete functioning of the CPPA. "A written reply in this regard has been sent to the Water and Power Ministry in which it was communicated that the CPPA could not introduce amendments in its license and the formulation of the board could not be materialized till this effect", well-informed sources in the PEPCO while confirming the said info, revealed", adding that even the CPPA guaranteed company did not start its business till this effect. Again, the lucrative post of Secretary CPPA has been advertised and Power Ministry should ensure transparency in the appointment process of this key slot, sources said. They were of the view that implementation on the orders of Power Ministry would be the violation of prescribed rules and regulations of National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Nepra) and SECP as well. Further, Director HR Pepco M Saqlin is looking after the process regarding power sector reforms so he cannot be appointed in the CPPA in present circumstances. Sources were of the opinion that the Ministry of Water and Power itself appears to be stalling and hobbling the process of power sector reforms in the power sector by creating hindrances in the process of hiring of the professionals to cope with growing power crisis in the country. For the past two years, the ministry has been either hobbling executive search or stopping it midstream when it started keeping cronies at all strategic positions in all organizations under its jurisdiction, a source said. When contacted, the energy experts argued that problem with every Water and Power Minister is that within weeks of his appointment, he develops interest in a few persons and lucrative posts. The other problem arises when the minister starts considering the sector as his fiefdom and begins refusing any outside counsel. Minister for Water and Power Naveed Qamar was not available for his version despite repeated attempts.