LAHORE Harmonious and stress-free environment is likely to double productivity besides having long-term positive impact on overall relationship between the employee and the employer. This was the upshot of the presentations given at a seminar on How to Manage Stress at Work arranged by the LCCI Vice President Saeeda Nazar on Friday. LCCI President Irfan Qaiser Sheikh was the Chief Guest while the trainers included professor Dr Saad B Malik and Sadullah Asad. The Trainers gave a detailed presentation on different types of stress and as to how one could avoid stress at workplace. The participants of the workshop included Chief Executive Officers, Business Executives, Entrepreneurs and students. According to presentations, through stress management, the businessmen could not only save their time and energy but money as well. Stress has direct bearing on the efficiency of a person and resultantly on an industrial unit therefore a proper strategy to manage stress must be part of training of top management officials. The trainers quoted a number of examples whereby an industrial unit touched the zenith by adopting stress management strategies or by implement best business practices. It is common experience that in a stress at workplace, the efficiency of a worker or an officer nose dive while in a stress free atmosphere, the efficiency of worker even surpasses his or her abilities. Not only does a regular stress management practice stave off the negative effects of stress, but it can also bring positive outcomes like increased productivity, better health and more happiness in general. when youre not stressed, you can be more productive because youre more focused. Therefore, it really pays to keep stress to a minimum. Certain stress relief habits naturally make you more productive. Being organized can also help you save time and money in the long run, reducing stress and helping you to be more productive in virtually every area of your life. LCCI Vice President Saeeda Nazar said that today, Pakistan is at a difficult cross road, facing multiple economic, social and political challenges. The only way we can best deal with our challenges is through creating a harmonious and stress-free environment. She said that the more our businessmen, employees and society at large find themselves in a serene and peaceful surrounding, the greater efficiency of our nation .