Our naive Government is still attempting to find out a respectable and rational solution for saving energy. This could be judged by the recent two holidays notification that has come in the wake of ongoing relentless energy crisis. This notification is only beneficial for those workers, government or private, who are unwilling to work. Otherwise these two holidays will barely contribute to ward off the energy crisis and the nation will continue to bear the brunt of grilling electricity loadshedding. This two holidays judgment is amongst the series of the unwise judgments and actions taken by our democratic government thus far. This reflects that our government is least interested in addressing the core issues. This is not the way to solve energy related problems. The government is simply fiddling with the public. Earlier, the government had taken an initiative to move the clocks by one hour. This went for many months and it brought no benefit in terms of energy issues. Then last year we had two holidays a week and sadly; that too gave us nothing. And yet still, the government is bent on same experimentation. Two holidays a week suit those countries which work to their fullest on remaining 5 days. In USA, UK, France, Canada and many other countries, the institutions work for 40 hours a week and then go for two day off. But we have no such example. The efficiency and productivity of our institutions particularly government owned is at its worst. If the government is really interested in saving energy, it should focus on building dams and generating extra electricity through economical means. It should avoid lightening its places and other insignificant places. It is pity that when majority of Pakistan is being plunged deeper into darkness, our Presidency, Prime Minister House, Parliament, PM Secretariat and other such places are ostentatiously decorated with lights. Moreover, bans should be placed on using illuminated bill boards and sign boards. This is absolutely how we can avert energy crisis. Through two holidays, we can cut short our working capacity not energy usage. BADAR UL ISLAM, Islamabad, October 20.