It was a shocking story to read about Dr B B Quraishy who has ended up in Edhi Centre in her old age, after rendering a lifelong service, in the field of education, imparting knowledge to several generations of our nation. It is heartening to know that Dr B B Quraishy is being visited by many of her old pupils and colleagues who come to pay their respect with flowers and greetings. However, this does not solve the problem of her living arrangements. We must endeavour to provide a respectable life to this great lady whose achievements in the fields of knowledge and education were really awesome, especially in 1930s and 40s. She was a shining star and a great role model for the later generations of Pakistani girls. I have a suggestion to make. A girls college can offer to accommodate her in a students hostel where she can easily be provided with board and lodging at a minimal cost. This will be a good gesture on behalf of a grateful nation. I am sure many students will be willing volunteers to look after her, on day to day basis. Let us bring a smile to her wrinkled but dignified face, just as she distributed smiles to generation after generation. KHALID A, London, October 20.