Our Staff Reporter MULTAN - The workers of Pakistan Railways staged a protest against suspension of power supply and water to the railway workers colony and demanded immediate restoration of electricity connection here on Friday. Dozens of railway workers assembled outside Multan Railway Station and carried out non-stop sloganeering against the government as well as the railway administration. The workers also staged mock hangings. They were holding placards and banners inscribed with their demands regarding restoration of electricity. The protesters told the journalists that they were without electricity and water for the last two weeks. They said the despite deduction of electricity bills from their salaries, the railway administration did not pay outstanding amount to the Wapda as a result of which the latter cut off their power connections. They said that they got water from Cantonment Board tankers. They warned to continue their protest if the electricity was not restored forthwith. TI STAGES PROTEST: The workers of Tanzeem-e-Islami (TI) marked Friday as forgiveness day and asked people to hold mass gatherings to seek forgiveness from Almighty Allah on sins. They also staged a protest against the US here at Chowk Nawan Shehr. Holding placards and banners, the TI activists gathered at the Chowk and stood silently while displaying their banners. Talking to the journalists, they said that entire Pakistani nation should breach its ties with the USA and restore connection with Allah. They said that the sins and misdeeds committed by us invited the wrath of Almighty Allah and different natural disasters like earthquake, floods and dengue attack were reflective of this fact. They said that America was the root cause of all ills and evils and therefore we should get rid of her as early as possible. MSM flays Hillarys visit: The activists of Mutahidda Shehri Mahaaz held a protest against ongoing visit of American Minister od States Hillary Clinton here at Chungi No-9 on Friday. A large number of protesters gathered at the Chungi under the leadership of Tariq Naem Ullah and shouted slogans against the US. They also burnt American flag and the effigy of Hillary. The protesters were holding and placards inscribed with anti-US slogans. Addressing the protesters, the speakers said that America wanted to impose her decisions on Pakistan under the guise of Haqqani Network. They warned the US that Pakistani armed forces were capable enough to safeguard their borders. They said that Pakistanis would not tolerate American terrorism at all and the US would have to face severe backlash.