ISLAMABAD - Islamabad police on Sunday arrested 32 suspects including two terrorists during a search operation conducted in various areas of federal capital.

Spokesperson of Islamabad police confirmed report when contacted on Sunday. He, however, withheld information about arrest of two hardcore militant who were shifted to some unknown place soon after arrest, for interrogation.

“Yes, police have arrested some 32 suspects on Sunday; however, I am sorry to say I have no information for you regarding arrest of two militants during the operation,” the spokesperson said. According to details, the search operation was conducted by Koral police station in various areas including under-construction buildings, houses and hotels, and a total of 32 suspects were arrested who could not produce any document for their identification.

Following the directions of IGP Islamabad Bani Amin Khan, police teams conducted search in various areas. Police teams also impounded two suspected vans and four motorbikes as these were being driven without any valid documents. The purpose of starting search operation in various areas is to ensure foolproof security in the Capital, said the spokesperson.