Every day one comes across beggars at every traffic signal in Islamabad, some of them are handicapped, who obviously cannot reach the place without any help. It has been observed that have an organisation behind them that provides them with pick and drop facility. The handlers of this ‘profitable’ business provide these beggars with not only transport facility but also a kind of hostel to live in. This is a thriving business depending on large number of children being kidnapped from villages.

No action has been taken in the last six decades to curtail beggary, which has been condemned by Islam, and Pakistan being a Muslim country should have abolished this. Sadly there is no expectation from this present government, which is already bent upon making the entire nation a beggar due to their begging bowl diplomacy. Lets hope that someone in the administration will take stock of the situation and brings an end to this exploitation of the poor.


Islamabad, October 16.